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ArtiFarti can provide you with printing services for your artwork or professional photographs.


We have a latest generation wide format printer and excellent media for your printing needs. Whether it be a photo print on gorgeous lustre or high gloss paper, limited edition prints for your original artwork or colourful canvas reproductions of your family favourite, we can do it all for you. At competitive prices ArtiFarti goes that little bit extra ensuring high quality prints without the high price tag. Check out our pricing on the most common size prints and canvasses by clicking on the link below to view and print the price list for future reference. If we do happen to be a little more expensive than other providers discuss it with us and we will do our best to match the price.

The reason we might be a little more expensive is because we are offering you high quality reproductions using latest generation equipment and media. Click on the links below to view information about our equipment and media.





Print Pricing


The Epson Stylus Pro 9900 – the new generation 44–inch large format printer that delivers even higher levels of image and colour quality, productivity and cost-effectiveness and enabling us to give you great print results.


When it comes to image quality, the Epson Stylus® Pro family of large format printers has long been regarded as the global leader . With the introduction of the Epson Stylus® Pro 900 series, the standard  for  quality output has again raised the bar for others to follow. This  is  largely due to key technologies that include:

  • Epson MicroPiezo® TFP Print Head Technology
  • Variable Sized Droplet Technology
  • 2880 x 1440 dpi resolution
  • 1440 x 1440 dpi print mode

Featuring 10-channel print head technology, the new one-inch wide print head has a massive 360 nozzles per colour (channel), delivering twice the nozzle count of earlier models and is therefore able to print at nearly twice the speed. The result is high quality prints for the customer.


We operate a specialist Colour Accurate monitor. Colour proofing does not have to be a beast of a job. The monitor has been tested against standard printing colour charts and real  printing house results to explore which aspects of coloration are the most challenging – including tones with low Delta E values. Among  professional colour monitors, this monitor stands out for colour accuracy and reproduction, with Delta E lower than two.

This means we can produce for you colour accurate images. Truly what you see is what you get!

Excellent Adobe RGB and CMYK Coverage

Our monitor covers 100% CMYK color space and 99%  Adobe RGB color space with IPS panel, ensuring that the truest red roses, blue skies and green grasses can be reproduced with accuracy.

RGB Graph

Pixel-Perfect Color Authenticity

Our monitor of choice features Delta E≤2 to ensure color  accuracy throughout project workflow. Delta E≤2 not only offers viewers  the truest impression of the original image, it also saves time and  money by creating reliable colors the first time, every time.


Typical Monitor



Ilford Smooth Pearl 310gsm

We are only interested in using media that is of a high standard in order to obtain the best reproduction results for you. As ArtiFarti Framing & Gallery grows we will increase the range of media available to you. Our aim will be to give you more options for your images.

Ilford Smooth PearlIlford Galerie Smooth Pearl  paper features the very latest HDR (High Dynamic Range) optically clear  nanoporous coating and coupled with recent advancements in nanoporous  inkjet receiving layer design, makes this the reference media for  producing images with superb clarity, high sharpness and excellent  colour gamut.

The high-density heavyweight base and smooth  pearl finish not only eliminate glare and fingerprints but with its  natural photographic white tint, produce prints with the true look and  feel of a photograph.

This paper produces high quality prints at a reasonable price, definitely worth a try.


Hahnemuhle Monet Canvas 410gsm

Monet Canvas is a heavy cotton canvas with a woven pattern. Its natural white colour is perfect for art reproduction, but also works well for high quality photo printing.

Monet Canvas

 Ilford Galerie Gold Cotton Smooth 330gsm

GALERIE Prestige Gold Cotton papers lead the way for professional  fine art printing. With a textured and smooth offering, these mould  made, 100% cotton rag papers have been crafted specifically to meet the  needs of fine art photographers who want the confidence that the media  they use will deliver accurate and dynamic results time after time.

With no optical brighteners and the longevity and image stability  required for the very best in fine art printing, Gold Cotton Smooth is  the perfect choice for crisp detail while Gold Cotton Textured features a  contoured surface for more creative expression.

Ilford Gold Cotton SmoothThese additions to the Prestige line-up meet the exacting standards  required to receive the ‘Gold’ moniker and feature surfaces that can  stand up to any artistic vision while ensuring vivid, archival-quality  image rendition for portfolios, prints-for-sale, as well as gallery and  museum-quality prints.

Gold Cotton Smooth is available in sheets and rolls and is compatible with pigment based printers.



Print Pricing

ArtiFarti Framing & Gallery only use quality media for our print services. We are printing to achieve lasting prints for our clients and their clients with the intention that the prints will last a lifetime. If you want cheap prints on cheap quality media then maybe we are not for you. However we will be competitive with other products of equal quality.

For a copy of our Print Price List for Canvas please click on this link. Click Here For Print Pricing 2015