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ArtiFarti will provide you affordable framing at competitive prices. Whilst we will always endeavour to advise you on the most suitable frame for your piece of artwork, hard earned University Degree, Memorabilia or Certificate no matter what it is you must be satisfied with the quality of workmanship as well as the price.

If you are on a budget, let us know and we will provide you with a number of options that will suit your particular piece. However, at the end of the day whilst we will give expert advice it is still up to you to make that final decision yourself.

We are here to look after your framing needs and ensure you are satisfied that you have value for your dollar and quality framing.

Here are some samples of mouldings that we can provide. There are numerous choices in mouldings from the most modern and simplistic and economical to the most elegant and expensive. Not all mouldings are kept in stock however we can get them in for you and usually will come from our suppliers overnight.


For the artist and photographer please discuss with us your particular needs for matboard and framing and we will tailor the service to fit your needs. We understand at ArtiFarti that you need to be able to keep your artwork and photography affordable for your clients.


The picture-framing mat is most commonly known by some for its use as additional decoration to enhance the look of a framed piece, sometimes in conjunction with a fillet or more rarely, liners made of wooden moulding with a cloth surface. Although matting usually contains only one opening per layer, it may contain none if a picture is “float-mounted” or “top-mounted” (placed on top of the mat) and mats with two or more exist, more commonly with photography of the family or pictures of individual family members type than other types of artwork. Typically the mat or mats, if matched carefully and properly proportioned, serve to help draw the eye in towards the framed piece, or towards a particular key element of the piece. However, while the mat is usually regarded as something to complement or set off the artwork to best effect, or not to interfere or compete with it (neutral-colored mats are often preferred by high-end art galleries), there are some examples of the mat being regarded by the artist as a part of the artwork.

There are many types of mat to suit different jobs and different tastes. We have production mat for larger volume mats and backing boards. We also have the following acid free, archival quality etc. Mats come in many different finishes from paper to fabric. Consult with Lorraine or Bob to find that mat that best suits your piece and price range.

Bright Matboard

Mats can be further enhanced by the use of a ‘V’ Groove or debossing (known outside the framing industry as traditionally embossing) or even some delicate pen work. Also if you have a particular graphic in mind the mat can be cut using two or more layers to create a piece of art in it’s own right.

Sillouette Cut Art      V Groove


Pen Tool 2Debossing 2