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About Us

ArtiFarti Framing & Gallery, was established in 2013, as an  imaging and framing business, committed to providing specialist photographic and framing services to imaging professionals.


Bob is a qualified Aeronautical Engineer and professional Pilot by original trade. After developing an interest in art the next logical step was to get into framing after seeing an opportunity to put some of his long        established design skills to work. After 45 years as an aircraft design engineer accuracy and the technical aspects of framing come naturally to Bob.

Bob is passionate about accuracy and quality and sees the framing and printing of photography, artworks, fine art prints as another opportunity to contribute his skills to another industry. In semi retirement Bob has learnt much about framing and is keen to put his new skills to use.

You will find him willing to experiment with new techniques not just master the older ones.

Bob is very approachable and willing to discuss with you any of your framing and printing requirements.


Lorraine is also a professional aviation consultant and professional pilot. Lorraine some time ago realised a hidden talent for producing her own original artworks, another reason Bob saw the opportunity to get into the framing trade. Lorraine started ArtiFarti Framing & Gallery with Bob to fill niche markets in the framing and printing industries. Lorraine also is somewhat of a perfectionist, always looking for that better way to do something. Creativity is a passion and bringing that out in other people she encounters is something she thoroughly enjoys. Lorraine’s flair for design and creativeness is what she brings to the team.


Lorraine and Bob together want to bring to you quality products and services and a creativity not always seen with framing. It is about having fun with your framing and printing and ensuring you interact with your piece to get the result you are after to hang on your own wall or gift to someone special. Together Lorraine and Bob will be able to give you that something special.

We are also a member of the PPFA ( Professional Picture Framers Association) enabling us to network and keep up to date with the latest framing techniques.

PPFA-LogoArtiFarti Framing & Gallery is a diverse photographic and digital imaging resource and is committed to delivering exceptional print solutions to the market at affordable and competitive prices. ArtiFarti Framing & Gallery is equipped with the latest technology and a focused team committed to ensure your printing and framing needs are met on every level.

We pride ourselves on assisting clients on an individual basis and whether you require wedding & portrait or commercial services, ArtiFarti Framing & Gallery will deliver quality work on time at a competitive price. It is our commitment that we will strive to set new industry benchmarks in all product and service areas and will continue to work closely with all our clients, photographers and marketers to create spectacular results.

At ArtiFarti Framing & Gallery, we deliver exceptional photographic, inkjet and digital imaging products, finishing and fabrication services to a wide range of industries that include:

  • Professional commercial photographers
  • Professional wedding, portrait, school and special interest photographers
  • Marketing professionals and corporate branding specialists
  • Graphic designers
  • Advertising and government agencies
  • Architects
  • Retail Visual Merchandisers
  • Exhibition and Museum curators
  • Artists
  • Photographic, graphic and art students

We pride ourselves on tailoring services to the demands of all our clients and understand the importance of meeting the deadlines associated with every application.

ArtiFarti Framing & Gallery is the ultimate post-production partner committed to delivering premium imaging solutions at affordable prices.

Lorraine and Bob with a passion for perfection we will always endeavour to meet all your printing and framing needs.